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The Words

In selecting words for ABC Words, I started by attempting to illustrate as many Dolch words as possible (about 85% of all Dolch words).  The list was entered into a spreadsheet, with Dolch nouns (D-N), Pre-Primary (D-PP), Primary (D-P), First Grade (D-1), Second Grade (D-2) and Third Grade (D-3) listed.  Then, in order to provide at least ten words for each letter, words from the 1000 most common words in the English language were used.  Because we used the Gaskin woodcuts to illustrate the cover page of each SMART Table Activity Pack, the key word which Georgie Gaskin used (B) were included in my word list.

For the letter J, Q, X and Z, additional words were chosen, with ease for children in mind.  X was a particularly challenging letter, with four of the words being very advanced (xanthic, xyris, xyster, and xystus).  You might want to present X to inquiring minds and have a discussion of why X words are so uncommon in the English language.

Here are the 390 words in ABC Words:
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