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The Pictures

The source for almost all of the pictures used in Word Families was Flickr Creative Commons Commercial Use.  A few pictures were from Wikipedia Creative Commons and some were from my personal collection.

For copyright purposes, a PDF of all the URLs of these pictures are on the Word Families and ABC Words USB flash drives.  This provides proper attribution to the authors of these Creative Commons photographs.

These are low resolution pictures for the "-ack Words."  Much higher resolution versions are displayed on the SMART Table, so the pictures look great, even when expanded to full screen in the Media application.

Click on the word to go to the Flickr website to see the artist information.  When you click on these pictures, a separate webpage window will open.  When you want to come back to this page, just click the Flickr window closed.

back, black, crack, jack

knack, pack, quack, rack

sack, shack, snack, stack

tack, track, unpack, whack

Pictures were carefully chosen as the best possible illustrations of each word that are available in the public domain.  Whenever possible, photos with children were used, to further help students identify with the pictures.  An attempt was made to have an equal representation of male and female subjects, with all races represented.

There are many pictures on Flickr which are not appropriate for children to view.  Therefore, there are no links in any Word Families Activity Packs to Flickr.  The USB drive comes with a PDF of the photographic links to Flickr, to give artistic credit. - your source for digital signage, early learning and special needs solutions - 262-497-2761

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