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SMART Table 3.1 software download

Click here to go to SMART's web page where you can download SMART Table 3.1 software.  The file name is "smarttablesetup."

This is software that should be installed on your SMART Table 442i.  Once in a while, I've seen a brand new SMART Table which will load up to the Windows 7 desktop, but will not launch the SMART Table software.  Instead, you get a black screen with a twirling "load" icon in a corner of the screen.  In this example, you should go to the control panel and under "Programs and Features" remove the existing SMART Table software and SMART Notebook, and then install SMART Table 3.1 software.  I would advise you to NOT uninstall the Notebook Galleries, because they can take a long time to reload.  I would leave the language packs in place, too.

DO NOT install SMART Table 3.1 software on anything other than your SMART Table.  It will not properly launch, because you would need a SMART Table licensing key (and the only way that I can figure out how to make that happen is by running the software on a SMART Table).  If you were to install the software on your personal Windows computer, the software is set up to auto-start, so after your computer boots to the desktop, it will then automatically start up the SMART Table software.  Since it won't run, you will just be wasting your time, and then you will have to take the extra effort to remove the software from your PC.  (Been there, done that.) - your source for digital signage, early learning and special needs solutions - 262-497-2761

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