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Gaskin woodcuts

Georgie Gaskin wrote the book "ABC An Alphabet" in 1895.  Georgie wrote the book for her nephew and neice.  Her husband, Arthur, illustrated the book in the style of woodcuts.  The book was printed on vellum paper.  The Gaskin's planned to create a deluxe version of the book with hand-colored illustrations, and less than 20 copies of a prototype version were produced from the original book.  The deluxe edition was never printed.

The Gaskin woodcuts were used to illustrate the cover pages of each ABC Words Activity Pack.  One of the woodcuts was flipped 180 degrees, so students all around the table could see the woodcut properly.  This is a low resolution picture for website use.  The images on the SMART Table are of very crisp high resolution.

Below are the entire collection of Gaskin woodcuts: - your source for digital signage, early learning and special needs solutions - 262-497-2761

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