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Cleaning your SMART Table

The best way to care for the SMART Table glass is to use a soft cloth and a window cleaner without alcohol (i.e. Windex).  Spray the liquid on the cloth and clean the surface.  Use another soft cloth to quickly dry the surface to avoid smudges, such as you would do when cleaning your windows at home. 


A microfiber cloth, such as used to clean eyeglasses, would be a good cloth to use for smudges, and this cloth can be used dry (with no liquid on it).


For sanitation, prepare a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water in a spray bottle.  Then apply it to a soft cloth in the same manner.  Sanitation is an important issue when using any touch surface.  The design of interactive tables and how students are seated around it make sneezing on it and drooling on it more likely than with wall mounted surfaces.  Drool should be quickly wiped off so it does not seep into the edges of the monitor surface.


I would use a soft paper towel if a soft cloth was unavailable.


The plastic edges of the SMART Table can be cleaned in the same manner as above.


You should thoroughly wash your hands and/or use other sanitizing methods after any time that you use any shared interactive touch device.


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The SMART Table display has a scratch and impact resistant screen.  Scratches on the screen surface will not affect the touch performance of the SMART Table, because the table uses an optical touchscreen method (four cameras, one in each corner).


Cleaning smudges on the glass surface were discussed above.  Although smudges can be unsightly on a SMART Table, especially when turned off, smudges are barely noticeable when the SMART Table is turned on and the display is showing content. - your source for digital signage, early learning and special needs solutions - 262-497-2761

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